Audio Einführung / Audio Vertiefung

Course Goal

  • Understanding of basic acoustic principles as well as analogue and digital signal processing.
  • Music production theory and methods using current computer based audio production tools.
  • Working and shaping audio with standard audio applications (Cubase, Wavelab).


The lecture will be held by Michele Gaggia in English language.

Lecture Topics (winter semester)
  • Acoustics Basics
  • Digital Recording
  • Microphones
  • Rhythm, Beat & Drum Pattern
  • Audio Effects I
  • Recapitulation and written theory exam
Lecture Topics (summer semester)
  • Musical Form
  • Basic Principles of Composition
  • Acoustic Basics and Digital Recording II
  • Microphones and Recording Techniques II
  • Audio Effects II
  • Audio Effects III
  • Recapitulation and written theory exam
Lecture Handouts (winter and summer semester)
Additional Information


The workshop will be held by Tristan Hassa and Gianni Stiletto in German language.

Workshop Topics (winter semester)
  • Basic Audio Setup: microphone, mixer, sound card, computer, software
  • Introduction to Cubase: overview of the audio, MIDI and DSP functions, audio import, basic editing (cut, paste, fade in/out, crossfade)
  • Hardware and Software Mixer Basic Functions (Input Mic/Line, Channel, EQ, Pan, FX Send/Return, Headphone + Main Out)
  • Stereo and Multitrack Recording Setups; MIDI Editors (Key-Editor, Drum-Editor, Notation)
  • Setting up Insert and Send Effects; Effect Groups (EQ, Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb/Delay)
  • Presentation of the end-of-semester projects. Feedback and discussion.
Workshop Topics (summer semester)
  • Erweiterte Mischpultfunktionen und Ansichten
  • Signal-Flow, Groups-Tracks, FX-Tracks, Inserts, Sends
  • Effekte: EQs und Filter, Dynamics
  • Effekte: Modulation, Reverb, Delay
  • Instrument-Tracks, MIDI Editors, Piano-Roll
  • Sample Editor, Audiobearbeitungsfunktionen
  • Presentation of the end-of-semester projects. Feedback and discussion.

Recommended Literature

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    GC Carstensen Verlag: München. ISBN 3910098193 Amazon
  • Ergyn, Erol (2007) Cubase SX/SL in der Praxis. Die neue Generation der MIDI/Audio- Musikproduktion.
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