Audio Einführung / Audio Vertiefung

Course Goal

  • Understanding of basic acoustic principles as well as analogue and digital signal processing.
  • Music production theory and methods using current computer-based audio production tools.
  • Working and shaping audio with standard audio applications (Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro-Tools).


The lecture will be held by Michele Gaggia in English language.

Lecture Topics (winter semester)
  • Acoustics Basics
  • Digital Recording
  • Microphones
  • Rhythm, Beat & Drum Pattern
  • Audio Effects I
  • Recapitulation and written theory exam
Lecture Topics (summer semester)
  • Musical Form
  • Basic Principles of Composition
  • Acoustic Basics and Digital Recording II
  • Microphones and Recording Techniques II
  • Audio Effects II
  • Audio Effects III
  • Recapitulation and written theory exam
Lecture Handouts (winter and summer semester)
Additional Information


The workshop will be held by Johannes Wagner in German language.

Workshop Topics (winter semester)
  • Basic Audio Setup: microphone, mixer, sound card, computer, software
  • Introduction to Ableton Live: overview of the audio, MIDI and DSP functions, audio import, basic editing (cut, paste, fade in/out, crossfade)
  • Hardware and Software Mixer Basic Functions (Input Mic/Line, Channel, EQ, Pan, FX Send/Return, Headphone + Main Out)
  • Stereo and Multitrack Recording Setups; MIDI Editors (Key-Editor, Drum-Editor, Notation)
  • Setting up Insert and Send Effects; Effect Groups (EQ, Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb/Delay)
  • Presentation of the end-of-semester projects. Feedback and discussion.
Workshop Topics (summer semester)
  • Erweiterte Mischpultfunktionen und Ansichten
  • Signal-Flow, Groups-Tracks, FX-Tracks, Inserts, Sends
  • Effekte: EQs und Filter, Dynamics
  • Effekte: Modulation, Reverb, Delay
  • Instrument-Tracks, MIDI Editors, Piano-Roll
  • Sample Editor, Audiobearbeitungsfunktionen
  • Presentation of the end-of-semester projects. Feedback and discussion.

Recommended Literature

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    GC Carstensen Verlag: München. ISBN 3910098193 Amazon
  • Ergyn, Erol (2007) Cubase SX/SL in der Praxis. Die neue Generation der MIDI/Audio- Musikproduktion.
    PPV-Medien: Bergkirchen ISBN 3932275934 Amazon
  • Hömberg, Martin (2002) Recording Basics - Aufnahmepraxis auf den Punkt gebracht.
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