Producer | Sound Engineer

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Michele Gaggia in the Odeion Saal in Salzburg (AT) | Photo © 2022 Valentin Malanetski

Producer | Sound Engineer

Michele "Xenomorph" Gaggia has been active as a music producer and sound engineer in a wide range of musical styles (including classical, jazz, contemporary, pop, rock, dance, folk, ethnic, etc.) since 1992.

During 1991-95 he followed sound engineering courses with Prof. Reinhard Hanel, advanced acoustics and microtonal hearing with Prof. HorstPeter Hesse and composition courses with Prof. Alexander Mullenbach at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg.

His music production company Digital Natural Sound was founded in Italy in 1997 and later transferred in Germany in 1999. His recordings have been often praised by the international music press for the excellent sound quality.

Gramophone Awards 2001 and 2008: please visit the Awards & Reviews page.

Among his current partners are the following record labels / music publishing companies:

He has also produced for: Ars Armonica, Spain; Essential Performance Reference, USA; Universal Music Group, Germany; Fontec, Japan; MusicaImmagine Records, Italy; Stradivarius Dulcimer / MEC Records Milano, Italy; Classic Concert Records, Austria; Trust Your Ears, Germany; Expanded Music, Italy; Brisa Entertainment, Germany; etc.

Visit the Clients & Credits pages for a comprehensive list of credits as producer, sound engineer and composer/arranger.

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