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3D CAD visualizations of the new Digital Natural Sound studios © 2012-2018 Michele Gaggia

The new Digital Natural Sound Studios

The construction of this new state-of-the-art recording, mixing and mastering studio facility started in Summer 2012. The studio will fulfil the highest acoustic and design standards to offer our customers an ideal music production environment for classical, contemporary and popular music styles.

The following rooms will be available:

  • a 32 m² stereo and 5.1 surround RFZ (Reflection Free Zone) control room
  • a 51 m² live recording room with daylight, Bechstein 273 grand piano (built in 1928) and room for up to 12 musicians
  • a 7.5 m² vocal booth with direct viewports to the control and live rooms
  • a 17 m² lounge/café area to relax between sessions

In order to achieve excellent sound insulation, the studio will follow the "room-in-room" construction principle with double partitions for all floors, walls and ceilings. The foundation is a concrete slab decoupled from the rest of the building using Sylomer™ pads. All internal walls and ceilings are constructed on a self-supporting wooden frame on top of the decoupled floor. These are the expected acoustic specifications:

  • over 96 dB RW insulation from the outside to the control room
  • over 84 dB RW insulation between rooms

Great care has been taken in designing the acoustic properties of each room, through detailed planning of the room geometry, careful selection of materials and custom-built acoustic elements: all rooms use custom "Jensen Room" type absorbers/reflectors as well as suspended ceiling elements (wide-band absorbers and diffusors) and hidden bass-traps. These are the planned reverberation times:

  • control room RT60 ranging from 300 to 200 ms (low to high frequencies)
  • vocal /speech booth RT60 approx 100-150 ms
  • live room RT60 adjustable from about 400 to 800 ms

Further technical specifications:

  • Neumann KH 420 L-C-R Monitors (tri-amped, 295+130+130 W per channel)
  • Neumann KH 310 SR-SL Monitors (bi-amped, 150+70+70 W per channel)
  • Quested VS 2108 L-R Nearfields (bi-amped, 200+200 W per channel)
  • up to 28 channels simultaneous recording
  • silent air conditioning in all rooms
  • variable halogen and LED lighting
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