Recording & Editing

dns studios mozarteumorchester grosser saal 00

Recording session with the Mozarteumorchester Salzburg conducted by Riccardo Minasi
Mozarteum Grosser Saal (Salzburg, AT) | Photo © 2017 Michele Gaggia

Multitrack Recording & Editing

The quality of a record begins with the original performance and the interepretation of the artists, which should generally be captured as accurately and transparently as possible using the best audio technology available today. However, for some music styles a different approach (Vintage, Retro or Lo-Fi) might work even better. In order to make a great record, we believe that it is essential to understand which aesthetic approach to recording and creative sound design will work best to transport the emotional quality of a certain type of music and performance.

We offer state-of-the-art digital multitrack recording for almost any combination of instruments and voices: from solo instruments and small chamber music ensembles up to large symphonic orchestra with full choir and soloists. We can record jazz and pop/rock bands, either live (with all musicians and vocalists performing at the same time) or in studio with additional overdubs.

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Mixing & Mastering

dns studios millennia tlc-2 00

Millennia TLC-2 Twin Topolgy Opto-Compressor/Limiter

High-end Mixing & Mastering

The sound character of a production depends not only on the quality of the recording, but can be further refined (and sometimes re-defined) in the mixing and mastering stage. Mixing can bring an already good recording to the next level, and make it shine. Mixing can turn a great recording into a masterpiece, that will awake emotions in the listener and make it unforgettable.

We offer high-end mixing (with total recall control surface, 25 touch-sensitive motorfaders, top quality audio plugins and Quested monitors) and mastering with some of the best digital and analogue mastering effects available today (UAD, Manley, Vertigo, KuSh, Elysia, SPL, JDK), using high resolution AD/DA converters (RME Fireface UFX and Lynx Hilo). When required, advanced spectral editing, pitch and time correction are provided to further improve the quality of the performance.

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CD & DVD Production

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CD and DVD Production

In addition to our excellent recording, editing mixing and mastering services, we offer professional graphic artwork, CD and DVD physical production, digital music release and distribution services, all in one convenient package at competitive prices.

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Composition & Arrangement

Composition and Arrangement | Sound Design

We provide composition, arrangement, sound design and full music production services for: trailers, movie soundtracks, songs, background music, dance music, jingles, commercials, videogames, corporate sound signatures, etc.

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Best value for your money

Experience, a refined work-flow and efficiency in every step of the production allow us to offer very competitive prices, while maintaining the highest quality standards. The hourly/daily rates vary depending on the complexity and type of recording/editing/mixing (i.e. number of tracks, live or studio, overdub, etc.). The overall budget is mainly influenced by the quality of the performance and, consequently, by the required recording and editing time.

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