The State-Of-The-Art

Michele Xenomorph Gaggia | MAGNETAR

Composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Michele Xenomorph Gaggia
Produced at Digital Natural Sound


Digital Natural Sound | Music Production at the state-of-the-art

Digital Natural Sound, established in 1997 by Michele "Xenomorph" Gaggia, is a multi-award winning recording, mixing and mastering studio / music production facility located in Piding (Germany) near Bad Reichenhall and about 15 min. drive from Salzburg (Austria).

At Digital Natural Sound we combine advanced audio technology and sound engineering together with over 20 years experience in professional music production and a deep love and passion for music. Our goal is to produce recordings at the state-of-the-art, where excellent sound quality meets the most refined artistic performance.

Please visit the Media page to listen to some of our recent album productions.


  • Complete Audio Production Package: we offer you everything you need, from the initial composition and arrangement in a wide variety of music styles through professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering services to the final CD Production, including CD/DVD cover artwork and booklet layout & design.
  • Music and Performance: no matter how much advanced audio technology might be required for a recording, the music performance and interpretation of the artists are always the main focus of our work.
  • State-of-the-art Sound Quality: the natural, transparent and warm sound of our recordings delivers every nuance of the original instruments and voices, as if they were performed live, right in front of you.
  • Vintage Sound: for some music styles a different approach (Vintage, Retro or Lo-Fi) might work even better. In order to make a great record, we believe that it is essential to understand which aesthetic approach to recording and creative sound design will work best to transport the emotional quality of a certain type of music and performance.
  • Room Acoustics: producing different music styles requires not only a different approach in the recording process, but also a very different "acoustic character" of the recording room or hall. This is why we like to record not only in the studio, but also in a selection of very different recording locations, each with their own specific sound signature, using our mobile multitrack recording setup.
  • High-end Mixing and Mastering: the sound character of a production depends not only on the quality of the recording, but can be further refined (and sometimes re-defined) in the mixing and mastering stage. Mixing can bring an already good recording to the next level, and make it shine. Mixing can turn a great recording into a masterpiece, that will awake emotions in the listener and make it unforgettable.
  • Analogue and Digital – the best of both worlds: the warmth and "character" of vintage analogue equipment (used for example in high-end analogue mastering) combined together with the precision, flexibility and transparency of advanced digital sound recording and processing.
  • Efficiency, Speed & Reliability: our advanced, custom assembled Digital Audio Workstations offer plenty of CPU and DSP processing power, while project and audio data are stored safely on high speed RAID disk arrays. Complex songs with 100+ tracks and hunrdeds of audio effects can be mixed in real time without bouncing.
  • Total Recall and Automation: mixing is comfortable and efficient, with the total recall and automation features in Cubase and Pro Tools combined together with the direct parameter access possible with 3 Mackie Control units (25 touch-sensitive motorfaders, 24 V-Pots, Jog Wheel, Transport, etc.).
  • Striving for Perfection: from capturing the "magic" of a performance during the recording session, until the most refined sound adjustments during mixing and mastering, we put our best efforts in every production to bring it to the next level.
  • Best value for your money: experience, a refined work-flow and efficiency in every step of the production allow us to offer very competitive prices, while maintaining the highest quality standards.
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